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This gorgeous Triple Layered Barbie Topper is not to be missed out on - its certain your barbie lover with love this! 


The Barbie character can be changed to a caucasian barbie with either blonde or dark hair or can reflect the Barbie in the photos attached. 


This topper is made with 3 layers of glitter cardstock and includes your childs name and age! 

Glam Pink Topper Set

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    Faded Shapes


    Party Packages - 2-3 Weeks

    Other Products - 3-7 Days

    PLEASE NOTE: Our product turnaround time is generally 3-7 working days after your order is placed, this applies to all products EXCEPT party packages due to the volume of products associated with these orders. 

    PARTY PACKAGES have a turnaround time of 2-3 weeks MAXIMUM from date of order.


    PLEASE be sure to let us know your event date so we can ensure your products get to you within your desired timeframe, if your event is sooner than 2-3 weeks later definitely give us a heads up and we will do our best to accommodate your order. In times of high demand, you may be asked to pay a small rush order fee if your event is sooner than our general turnaround times stated above.

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